Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our patients the highest level of comprehensive care available in the Northern California region. Our surgeons, physicians and diagnosticians endeavor to be advocates for our patients while providing a complete spectrum of treatments that include education, conservative rehabilitation, and minimally invasive procedures to the most complex of surgeries.

About Us

At Northern California Spine and Rehabilitation Associates (NCSRA Medical Corporation), our focus is to facilitate getting you back to your life. We are dedicated to improving the health of our patients as well as improving their experience while visiting our medical offices.

NCSRA was established in 1994 by combining Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with Spine Surgery. The NCSRA team consists of specialty Board Certified physicians; fellowship trained orthopedic spine surgeons, physiatrists, and physician assistants. They are supported by a staff of highly dedicated personnel.

NCSRA has been providing leadership in clinical service, medical education, and research and development. NCSRA is known for their comprehensive conservative care of the spine. Our surgeons perform procedures, including minimally invasive techniques for spinal fusion and disk removal, spinal implants anduse of inter body fusion devices. Our physiatrists are outstanding diagnosticians who utilize specialized neurologic and electro diagnostic studies to help determine the best treatment plan for each patient. NCSRA has one of the only physicians in California that performs pudendal electro diagnostic studies.

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Tips and Resources  

Ten Tips for a Healthy Back

Ten Tips for a Healthy Back

Follow these simple guidelines to keep your back in good shape. Standing: Keeping one foot forward of the other, with...


  • My visits are always caring and professional. I cannot say enough in regards to the NCSRA staff. They are helpful, well informed and cordial.


  • The staff and providers are always accommodating and very professional.


  • Dr. Hembd is a wonderful doctor. I had some serious back issues, and he helped me to address them, and prescribed treatment for me which has really helped me. He sits back and listens, and seems to have all the time in the world, and does not rush me. A naturally serious guy, he warms up after you get to...


  • My back surgery went incredibly well. It is now 3 years later and I am absolutely pain free!! Dr. Neubuerger fused L5 to S1 with a newer technique than what other Drs. had suggested in the past. It meant less recovery time and a lot less pain than what some friends had gone through. He was great through the whole...


  • I ruptured a disc in my back which caused immediate and significant neurological deficits in my leg and foot. Dr. Hambly made room in his schedule for me to have surgery two days later. My profession requires my body to be fully functional. It was because of Dr. Hambly that I was able to have a speedy recovery and return...