AMAZING!!! I have been so blessed by the Good Lord to be a patient at this clinic and to have been evaluated by Dr. Ratnayake and then referred to Dr. Sharma for treatment. Both these physicians are gifted not only in their expertise but with people. They and the office staff will make you feel cared for and appreciate you as their patient.

I was injured in January and have been in back pain since, and getting worse. I lost height and became a hunchback with the most miserable constant pain as I was having continuous microfracturing in my vertebrae. Dr Sharma ordered thoracic imaging and then performed a Kyphoplasty on my thoracic region. He is very personable and was very thorough in explaining the procedure and answering all my questions. He truly cares about his patients as exemplified by his constant checking on me during the procedure which was done at Fort Sutter Surgical Center. Praise the Lord above for the talented and gifted hands of Dr Sameer Sharma as my kyphoplasty was a huge success and my back pain has dramatically improved! During my follow up visit, Dr. Sharma addressed all my questions and concerns. There are not words to describe my gratitude or just how amazing my experience has been as his patient!