Photo of Dr. Hembd

Michael Hembd, M.D.



Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


PM&R Residency


A graduate of the UC Davis Physical Medicine Department. He is Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

As a Physiatrist (Phys/i/atrist) his practice is focused on the management of diseases and/or injuries that affect your musculoskeletal and or neurological physiology.

The majority of our patients present with pain associated with their primary complaint and our attempt is manage the pain while minimizing risk to our patients and improving their functional capacity.

He will treat a wide range of conditions that include neck and back injuries/pain, arthritis, tendinitis – both acute and chronic, as well as soft tissue pain.

Prior to his residency, Dr. Hembd attended the Medical College of Wisconsin and attended college in San Diego.

He believes in maintaining an active lifestyle and enjoys riding his bicycles, both recreationally and competitively, skiing, and athletics of all kinds.

He would like to help you achieve your goals of maintaining an active lifestyle and reinforces the fact that studies show that people who exercise regularly enjoy a higher quality of life and increased mental alertness.