Rehabilitation physicians are nerve, muscle, and bone experts who treat injuries or illnesses that affect how you move. By taking the whole body into account, they are able to accurately pinpoint problems and enhance performance – without surgery.

Consider seeing a rehabilitation physician if:

  • You had an accident or you have an injury or chronic condition that has left you with pain or limited function – You’re contemplating or recovering from surgery.
  • You have an illness or treatment for an illness that has diminished your energy or ability to move easily.
  • You have chronic pain from arthritis, a repetitive stress injury, or back/neck problems.

At NCSRA we will thoroughly assess your condition, needs and expectations. In the process we will take a complete medical history to assess for serious medical illnesses that may be a barrier to achieving your goals. Then we will develop a proper rehabilitation program that may include a combination of medicines, procedural interventions, and exercise. As an example a patient may be suffering from chronic neck pain.

The rehabilitation physician might prescribe medication, stretching, and massage for short-term pain relief, as well as strengthening exercises to prevent future pain. If surgery is a necessity, rehabilitation physicians work with patients and their surgeons before and after surgery. By directing your treatment team and collaborating with other health care professionals, a rehabilitation physician is able to specially design a treatment program tailored to you.

Do you want to strengthen an injured muscle, find relief from chronic pain, or work up the stairs without being winded? A rehabilitation physician can work with you to determine realistic short- and long-term goals. Along the way, he or she will help you to find relief from pain, achieve successes in rehabilitation or exercise programs, overcome your setbacks, and reassess your goals if necessary.